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SUBER™ by Kolmer USA

SUBER by Kolmer™

Suber by Kolmer™ is a revolutionary patented insulating coating produced from unifying hi-grade raw cork particles with a proprietary acrylic based resin. The result is an elastic and durable, water impermeable, & thermal insulating coating perfect for applications requiring high degree of protection along with beautiful aesthetic appeal!

Seal-Away™ by Kolmer USA


Our Seal-Away™ patent-pending water-based mono-component polyurethane coating is a versatile water-resistive/ waterproofing sealing protective 'membrane'. It is ideal for OSB, exterior sheathed wall surfaces, concrete & masonry, roofs, traffic-bearing surfaces, pools, pavers, and many similar design elements. Toxin free, it is a safe solution around sensitive environments.


SUBER™ by Kolmer USA Testimonials



SUBER™ by Kolmer used in renovation of 1913 historic home in Tampa, FL. Selected for weather and thermal insulation as well as our superior GREEN qualities!


  • Leading roofing company selects Seal Away as coating for poly foam.
  • Suber & Seal Away solution approved as new technology for restoration.
  • Suber passes criteria for ICC AC59 & AC212


"Adhesion tests were attempted, but the nature of the Suber disallowed any reaction is "FANTASTIC" - nothing wants to attach itself to this film, which indicates its unique natural resistance properties to the elements!!!"

- Walter Poff
C.E., Former NACE President

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