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Correct! One of the amazing qualities of our product is the adhesion property. It can be sprayed onto most any clean and stable surface. An example would be existing stucco and as long as the stucco is clean and properly adhering to its substrate, SUBER™ by Kolmer USA can be applied directly over it. Doing this provides a superior surface with improved aesthetics, thermal insulation, impermeable to water penetration, and can even assist in curing many existing underlying moisture issues.

One exception to adherence is an oily-plastic surface. Other surfaces such as loose rusty metal, freshly galvanized steel, or "chalky" surface may require an initial primer application. Other then these, most anything goes; Glass, cement, wood, concrete, paint, plastic...and more!

Once the substrate is clean and in solid condition, we recommend applying our water-sealing envelope solution. This is achieved by first applying the Seal-Away primer followed by Suber Hi-Traffic. Once this application has cured, use a pre-colored (of your choice) coat of Seal Away poly. The result will be a durable and attractive textured finished resistant to normal abrasion and exterior elements. You can also be confident that your substrate is protected while still allowing a healthy pass-through of vapor for proper continual curing.

The manufacturer, Kolmer Industries, has been hyper-aware of the environmental impact of their products. As such, all of our products never contain solvents, are only water based, and utilize the highest grade of materials to achieve the best performance possible. We use vegetable oils and other renewable natural resources.

Because it is necessary to be properly trained for installation, SUBER™ by Kolmer USA is sold through commercial applicators, construction and architectural firms, and our distributors.

Please contact us and we will review your request and connect you with the correct partner.

Cork products contribute extremely favorably to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Rating System. Cork is a 100% sustainable and renewable natural resource.

Building products are given points which contribute to the LEED rating of a finished building (exterior or interior). The individual building products are not LEED certified, its the finished structure or interior that is certified.

The following contributing LEED credits are applied when using products, such as SUBER™ by Kolmer USA for underlayment, flooring, wall coating, ceiling and roof insulation, and more. The following are the suggested points achievable. It is the responsibility of the customer to apply and register for LEED credits.

Cork is a 100% sustainable and renewable natural resource. Cork bark is harvested from the Quercus Suber tree (cork tree) without damage to the tree and the harvested bark begins to re-grow almost immediately. This harvesting does not harm the tree in anyway and after nine years the trees are ready for bark harvesting once again.

When applied properly by a certified installer, SUBER™ by Kolmer USA carries up to a 15 year material warranty, depending on application substrate.
Seal Away™ by Kolmer USA carries up to a 10 year warranty depending on application.



SUBER™ by Kolmer used in renovation of 1913 historic home in Tampa, FL. Selected for weather and thermal insulation as well as our superior GREEN qualities!


  • Leading roofing company selects Seal Away as coating for poly foam.
  • Suber & Seal Away solution approved as new technology for restoration.
  • Suber passes criteria for ICC AC59 & AC212


"Adhesion tests were attempted, but the nature of the Suber disallowed any reaction is "FANTASTIC" - nothing wants to attach itself to this film, which indicates its unique natural resistance properties to the elements!!!"

- Walter Poff
C.E., Former NACE President

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