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SUBER by Kolmer USA

Increase energy efficiency by up to 20% while providing superior protection and appearance! Our coating is durable, flexible, and aesthetically beautiful. Suber™ by Kolmer USA is a breathable weather-water barrier & insulator in one envelope system. It will quickly protect and increase the value of your building while dramatically lowering construction, lifetime maintenance, & energy costs.

SUBER™ by Kolmer USA 

SUBER™ by Kolmer USA

is a patented exterior coating system manufactured from high-grade raw cork and a proprietary highly adhesive water-based acrylic resin. It has superior thermal and acoustic insulative properties, is UV resistant, and impervious to wind-driven rain while maintaining healthy water-vapor transmission. This unique combination allows for optimal protection of the substrate while permitting natural curing to occur. Naturally, cork is deterrent to insects, mold or mildew growth, fire retardant, and is a 100% renewable natural resource. SUBER™ by Kolmer USA has an extremely low thermal conductivity property, deterring heat and cold buildup, allowing the coating to remain comfortable to the touch in extreme environmental conditions. This attribute contributes significantly to an average of 15-25% energy savings.

Aesthetically, our system presents a consistent surface appearance with superior adhesion directly to substrates with minimal preparation. Unlike stucco, EIFS, and other rigid coatings, it is highly resistant to surface cracking due to its characteristic of remaining pliable and expandable.

SUBER™ by Kolmer USA is offered in a full range of integral, ultra UV resistant color choices, eliminating the need for post application field painting, thus reducing application labor expense and cycle time of project completion. If desired, the coating can be field painted as well.

Product Options

SUBER™ by Kolmer USA is available in four application formulations:


SUBER™ by Kolmer USA is a green product. It has a low VOC content and is completely free of formaldehyde and similar potential toxins. The installed material actually provides a negative carbon footprint, is 100% recyclable, and qualifies for LEED credits. It is an ideal coating, due to energy savings qualities, for self-sustaining building projects. Potential LEED credit contributors include:


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The manufacturer carries ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


SUBER™ by Kolmer USA has been extensively tested in both European and US labs, along with over 14 years of actual field use. Additionally, we have testing on acoustical impact and fire resistance, available upon request. Following are test results specifically targeting substrate coating performance:

Property Method ICC ES Result
Accelerated Weathering 2000 Hrs. ASTM G155 AC59 - Direct Applied Finish Systems Pass
Freeze / Thaw AC59 5.2 AC59 - Direct Applied Finish Systems Pass
Bond Strength AC59 5.2 AC59 - Direct Applied Finish Systems Pass
Racking ASTM E72 AC59 - Direct Applied Finish Systems Pass
Environmental Cycling AC59 5.4 AC59 - Direct Applied Finish Systems Pass
Salt/Spray ASTM B117 AC59 - Direct Applied Finish Systems Pass
Water Resistance ASTM D2247 AC59 - Direct Applied Finish Systems Pass
Transverse Load ASTM E1233 AC212 - Water-Resistive Barriers Pass
Racking ASTM E72 AC212 - Water-Resistive Barriers Pass
Environmental Cycling AC212 4.7 AC212 - Water-Resistive Barriers Pass
Water Penetration ASTM E331 AC212 - Water-Resistive Barriers Pass
Thermal Conductance ASTM C518 0.648 k
Pull-Off Adhesion ASTM D4541 215 psi
Wind Driven Rain ASTM D6904 Pass
Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E96 (A-Dry) 1.88
Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E96 (B-Wet) 14.48
Resistance to Fungi ASTM G21 0

Testing conducted by PRI, accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), a subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC) as an ISO 17025 testing laboratory; by the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office as a testing laboratory; by the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs as a Product Testing Laboratory; and by the Cool Roof Rating Council as an Accredited Independent Testing Laboratory.

SUBER™ by Kolmer USA requires minimal surface preparation for most substrates, such as, but not limited to:

  • Wall sheathing over wood or metal framing.
  • Concrete masonry.
  • Tilt-up concrete panels.
  • Metal roofing and siding.
  • Interior Ceiling/Floor.

A two-coat spray application is recommended. Hand, palette knife, or trowel applications are alternative installation methods.

Full drying time is 8 hours to 48 hours depending on substrate and application purpose.


  • Allow initial coat to fully dry prior to additional application.
  • Insure substrate should be dry, stable, and free from dirt.
  • Application temperature should be between 38° and 86° F. Storage should be between 38° and 90° F.

Manufacturer will provide a standard 15 year material warranty, when applied according to manufacturer installation guidelines by a certified applicator. See manufacturer warranty for complete details.

VOC Maximum 19 g/l
Spread Rate Approx. 20 (ft2/gal.)
Solid Content Approx. 45%
Weight Approx. 7.6 (lbs./gal.)
Thickness Approx. (Dry) 120 mils. (3mm)












U.S. Green Building Council Member




SUBER Colors



SUBER™ by Kolmer used in renovation of 1913 historic home in Tampa, FL. Selected for weather and thermal insulation as well as our superior GREEN qualities!



"Adhesion tests were attempted, but the nature of the Suber disallowed any reaction is "FANTASTIC" - nothing wants to attach itself to this film, which indicates its unique natural resistance properties to the elements!!!"

- Walter Poff
C.E., Former NACE President

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